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Lawyers Point Solicitors offer you a cost effective, efficient and friendly professional service to help you to plan ahead. Our Will service is provided by an expert team, giving you support and advice from initial instructions through to the final execution. At the initial stage we will discuss your family and financial situation and how we can help. We can advise you on all aspects of will writing including the suitability of executors, guardians, witnesses etc.

We offer you:

  • Legal Advice: We provide free advice on all aspects of will writing. It’s offered with no obligation.

  • Advice on storage of will: It’s very important that you keep your will in a safe and secure Place.

  • Fixed Fees: We offer you a very competitive, affordable fixed fess and special rates for mirror wills.

  • Ongoing support: We offer you a free review service within one year of your will if your circumstances change like birth of a child, death of beneficiaries, marriage etc.

Benefits of Writing A Will

  • Will is a legal document allowing you to determine who will benefit from your property and possessions when you are gone. A correctly written Will allows you to:

  • Guarantee who will receive your property and possessions: You can be certain that everything will go to the people you have chosen.

  • Have complete peace of mind
    writing a Will means you can put your affairs in order and leave clear instructions to assist the loved ones that you leave behind. You can name Executors who will be dealing with your assets and also appoint Guardians who will look after any children you may have.

  • Reduce heartache and stress after you are gone
    Having a Will in place can prevent additional complications in the administration of your estate, reducing worry and stress for those you leave behind and the likelihood of family disagreements. You can also record your funeral wishes so that your loved ones know exactly what you would like them to do.

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